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 Energy Facilitation Services

bulletSpirit Talk Consultation Services
bulletQuantum Scan Services
bulletOnline Workshops
bulletOracle Readings



Payments are accepted through Paypal. (A Paypal account is not required.)  The various types of sessions offered are listed below. If you prefer a different method of payment, please email to make arrangements.

Spirit Talk Consultation Services

More Information

Language of the Spirit - Consultation Services

Individual sessions are available via email to assist and guide you on your journey.  Personalized assistance can provide the right amount of assistance to enable you to attain what is appropriate for you.

bulletPersonal guidance in learning to speak the language of Spirit
bulletFacilitation to help break down the barriers that may be holding you back
bulletAssistance with interpreting information from Spirit

Email Sessions $45


Contact is via Email.  Sessions include a response and up to two follow-up emails based on the initial request. 

Tune-up Session (Distance work) $25


This session provides a "tune up" of the energy systems associated with the body and the etheric tethers that influence the energy flow between your chakras and your Higher Spirit.  By requesting this session, you are giving permission for the tune up work to proceed.  You will receive an email when the session has been completed.  The email will describe the details of the session. 

The tune up session will take place within a week of your request.  The timing will be appropriate.

Telephone Session $75


Sessions by phone are limited to evenings and weekends and must be scheduled by appointment.  This provides a high level of personal contact.  However, the nature of the Spirit cannot be rushed.  The answers and insight you seek may not manifest within the duration of the call.

Telephone sessions are limited to a one hour maximum.  Follow up via email may be necessary.

Quantum Scan Services

Quantum Scan Healing Modality - More Information



Quantum Scan for One


Includes Quantum Scan for one pet or person and one follow-up

One Additional Follow-up Session

One Additional Pet or Person



Additional Scan

One additional session of submitted questions and responses.  Responses will be provided within one week of the request.

Or add one additional pet or person.

Personal Instruction  for

Quantum Scan Session



Assistance to help you learn how to perform the Quantum Scan method on your own. Includes actual Quantum Scan performed as a demonstration with guidance in understanding the results. 

A certificate is provided.

Quantum Scan    



Workshops for group participants are available. 

Workshops include individual scans on selected participants, demonstrations of the Quantum Scan, a workbook/guide,  and energy work guidance.  This is a phenomenal gathering.

Please email if you would like to attend a "Gathering" or would like to arrange one in your area. 


Oracle Readings

The Oracles can empower you to turn challenges into opportunities.  They can see into the depth of the forces affecting you in the now moment as well as the forces from the future that call for you to create their path.  An Oracle reading can help you drop the reaction syndrome that leads to repeating the same patterns over and over again.

More Information on the Oracles


Oracle Type

Elven Oracle Runes It is said that Elven Runes are like the atomic structure that underlies nature.  When the elements unite in particular combinations, specific results are obtained.  Runes are objects of great vision and power.  They hold the ability to help better and change the lives of those who knowingly and willingly utilize them.
Faery Oracle Reading Requesting the Faery Oracle invites and brings living, breathing Faery beings into your space to work with you.  The Faeries have a very unique view and approach to life and they will provide you with some very interesting joys, challenges and experiences.
Zen Oracle Reading Request this Oracle if you are ready to look inward and reflect deeply upon what is truly there.  This Oracle will enable you to travel the road to Self Mastery by increasing your awareness and allowing you to become a receptacle into which you will pour your energies.  You will feel your height and depth with all of the colors of your being. You will be in awe

Online Workshops

Online Workshops provide materials for you to reading, insight and interaction. Once payment has been received, your materials will be provided by email or download.

Mastery of the Self

Online Workshop

$No Charge

More Information

The key to unlocking the Mastery of the Self is to re-acquaint yourself with who and what you really are.  The Self at your center is very different from the self that you project for others to see. 

This workshop helps you understand and differentiate between the identity that you carry in this world and the identity of who and what you really are at the center of your being.  You will come to understand that the identity that you carry in this world is a projection, an image that you have chose to portray for a limited period of time.  That identity will come to an end.  But the identity of your center is immortal and unchanging.  Are you ready to re-discover who you truly are?

Click on the "More Information" link will take you to the Mastery Page which links to the Mastery of Self workshop.



Contact Information

Please send us an email with your suggestions and questions.  This site has been developed to assist you, and we are happy to add content to meet your needs. 

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