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Spirit Talk
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Origins of Seven


Spirit Talk - Workbook

Additional information that supplements and details on the ways that communicating with the Spirit can unfold in your daily life are discussed in the Spirit Talk Worksheet.  The worksheet contains insight on what types of experiences may await you, how the effects are felt based on the different Realms (Elemental, Angelic and Adamic), how working with the Spirit can affect your dreams and your daily life.

The language of the Spirit is very very powerful. The worksheet provides additional guidance and information for those that would like more information to work with in their Spiritual development pathway. 


Origins of Seven

The nature of our origins and evolution and separation of energy patterns. (Incomplete draft - please check back for updates.)



Awakening Your Intuition  

Intuition is one of the greatest latent powers in human beings.  It is direct insight and knowledge into higher levels of awareness.  True intuition is universal in nature.  It reveals the oneness of life and the presence of the sacred in our everyday world.

Intuition is a "somatic" language that communicates non-cognitive wisdom.  This ability is like a personal consultant that gives additional insight.

This workshop provides insight, definition and techniques that de-mystify intuition and provides exercises that better enable us to move from the realm of what is known to the realm of what is knowable.  The potentials are truly infinite.


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