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Bella Terra Acres - Home of great miniature horses and EAL,

where you can discover something about yourself ... from a horse.




Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a process of self-discovery and improvement facilitated through the use of  horses.  Participants gain insight about themselves and how they accomplish goals.  This has many applications in all arenas of life for professional and personal improvement; such as team building, leadership development, at-risk youth, 12 step programs, personal growth, and psychotherapy.  It is the power of horses.  For more information, link to EAL.

Wright's American Eskimo Dogs

The American Eskimo dog is a breed apart from the rest.  They are little people in dog fur.  Their understanding and intellect is unparalleled among dogs. This breed has already made the quantum leap into the new energy.  If you share your life with an Eskie, your life will never be the same again. 

Breeding Teddy Bear type American Eskimo dogs and puppies. 

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 Wright's Tennessee Walking Horses






The wonderful aspect of a horse is that they are completely formed and cognizant at birth.  A foal does not go through a "helpless" stage like humans do.  From the moment that the first breath is drawn, a horse is ready to experience and assimilate all of the thrills and excitement life has to offer. 

Horses are connected to the Spirit Realms in a very special way.  They can see through our masks into the depths of ourselves.  They relate to our spirits like a fish relates to water.  They know immediately when a person is incongruent and not being true to themselves.  It is said that horses carry our spirits to the far realms, not just when we transition out of our bodies, but when aspects of us go to do work in the other realms.

Horses are here by choice - to assist humanity in the grandest transition ever experienced.  As a species, they have already transitioned and evolved.  Humanity has much ground to cover to catch up with them - but it's not the goal that matters, it's the thrills of the journey.

Visit our wonderful Tennessee Walking Horses - versatile, smooth gaited, people loving horses.

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  Animal Chiropractic Seminars by Dr. Kamen

  Theresa has attended Dr. Kamen's adjustment seminars.  Adjustments act as a "reset" mechanism that allows the body to recognize misalignment and then work to heal itself by restoring balance. 


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