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Kim's Path
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Energy and Spirit is lovingly brought to you by Kim Shook and Theresa Wright.  We salute and admire the love and energy that is within you.  We appreciate your interest in our services and our website.

Our biographies will enable you to get a little better acquainted with us.  We will share some of the events that shaped our lives and brought our potentials together in order to offer these services.

Both us us have spent many hours and many evenings assisting friends, families and new acquaintances that are drawn to us through mutual interest in our horses and dogs. Chances are, throughout the chance turnings of time, we have met before at another time in a distant place.  We would love to become reacquainted with you again.           


Contact Information

Please send us an email with your suggestions and questions.  This site has been developed to assist you, and we are happy to add content to meet your needs. 

Theresa Wright: wrighteski@aol.com
Kim Shook: shooks@att.net
Kim Shook: 269-668-7289
Theresa Wright 269-382-3278

Webmaster: wrighteski@aol.com


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