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Each of us has had different experiences and have developed different beliefs and backgrounds.  The information on this page helps establish common ground and a basis for understanding some of the basic fundamentals of the theories and philosophies expressed on this website.

We hold the individuality of each being in the highest regard. Individuality is one of the most important facets of our existence in human form.  Individuality also drives our awareness and perception to varying extremes. 

The detail and information presented on this page is meant to enhance your understanding of the concepts and terminology used throughout this website.  The information here is NOT intended to be the definitive description by any means.  These represent only one unique perspective.  Each one of us must find what "rings true" for us to develop and enhance our  own perspectives.

Table of Contents

  1. Origins of Energy
  2. Ancestry
  3. The Soul
  4. New Energy
  5. Past Lives - Reincarnation
  6. Aspects of the Self
  7. Spirit Guides
  8. Chakras

Origins of Energy

Ultimately, all energy emanates from a single universal source.  The state of this source rests at zero potential and has no charge.  The energy is completely static.  Outside of the source state, energy becomes defined as positive and negative potentials, and the arrangement of these potentials manifest all there is in the universe. 

When sentience and memory are imprinted on energy, patterns emerge.  Three realms take shape, each within it's own unique energy construct.  The realms host a wellspring of souls that manifest in numbers of sevens.  (The possibilities extend in seven's, e.g. 7 main chakras, 7 colors in the rainbow, 7 unique notes in an octave, 7 lamps, 7 churches, 7 races...)

To learn more about the origins and manifestation of energy, the "Origins of Seven" is recommended reading.

Origins of Seven

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Every human being has two distinct ancestries.  The first is our biological ancestry, the second is our spiritual ancestry. 

Our biological ancestry is the most obvious as lineage can often be traced back through the generations.  This ancestry shapes our external human features and facilitates placement in the social stratus.

Our spiritual ancestry is not as apparent.  This ancestry shapes our behaviors and contours our energy patterns.  This is why siblings can differ so much from each other and from their parents and relatives.  Our spiritual ancestry is loosely entwined with our biology and serves to bring common qualities to blend the different races and dissolve social structures and disparity. 

For more information on the evolution of biology and spirit can be found in the Origins of Seven.

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The Soul

The soul is energy formed by consciousness energy that has been blessed and given its own virtual reality.  The soul moves along, continuously gathering experiential information until such time that informational fields fill and the polarity changes and the attractive forces meld other life souls together and the process of re-unification begins.

Karmic Record (or Soul Record)

The karmic record of the soul contains the sum total of all past experiences that it's life energies have collected.  These experiences read like a diary, filled with emotion, fate, circumstances, trauma, feelings and desires, with all of the sensory information that can be held.  Some memories are wonderful.  Some are miserable.  But each experience carries the life energy through to the next step of development.

Karmic memories were made in the past.  The memories play out like the plot of a good book.  With each new lifetime, the cover is closed and the book is stored on a shelf. It is available to be read at any time to recall memories of lessons learned.  These stories are intended to prevent us from falling into endless cycles of repetition, but are not intended to manifest as one's destiny.  Past karmic events that were coupled with high levels of emotional energy can manifest as predispositions and phobias.     

It is important to realize that the past provides no indication of the actual future that will be.  Past events can set the stage, provide necessary elements and provide a high degree of predictability, but the outcome is not always certain.  Predictions of outcome are based on set observed patterns that emanate from the soul's book of events. Outcomes become even more predictable and routine when boundaries, rules and constraints limit the number of possible outcomes.  This is how one becomes "stuck" in the past. 

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What is the New Energy?

The New Energy constructs have arrived at an age where humankind has advanced (socially) to the point where the five basic needs (food, shelter, security, love and society) are met.  The new energy allows us to step outside of mass consciousness to create in the "now moment" and set up potentials for the future. Apocalyptic prophesies no longer hold true.  Mass destruction and cataclysm are no longer parts of the cycle.  These are fading with the old energy patterns and constructs. 

The truest form of the New Energy is the potential to ascend in vibration within the same lifetime, without experience the cycles of death and rebirth that are passing with the old energy.  One of the gifts of the new energy is that every issue does not have to be resolved.  And, connections do not have to be left behind.  All of the experiences that have come to be are always in your soul record.  Past experiences can be revisited at any time.  The key to allowing this is acceptance and non-judgment.

The Now Moment

The Now Moment is the only time/place that we can control.  The past is done.  Future potentials have not arrived.  The past is recorded in the soul book.  Future potentials can connect to become reality, or become blessed with a "life" of their own to move on or rest as untouched bubbles in waiting.

Old Energy

Old energy patterns are stories, written materials, methods and belief systems that existed prior to 2004.  (This is according to Tobias.  www.crimsoncircle.com ) The old energies do not need to be demolished - they can be transformed into new energy structures - new stories, beliefs, methods of healing.  This will mark a fascinating transition as the threshold has just passed. 

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Past Lives - Reincarnation

Your highest self connects to your spirit and soul records.  The more connected you are to your spirit, the closer the connection to the memories stored in your soul record.  Each past life that your higher self has awareness of had it's own unique properties and traits.  That past life was unique and when the body that served as the vehicle died, that life ended.  The memories are recorded, but that single lifetime was gifted with a unique set of conditions and circumstances. That past lifetime may provide some memories and influences for you, but that past life is not your life.  Furthermore, the life you are living will not become the life of another that comes after you.  You are not that person and you are the only one that can choose how you want those past memories to affect you.

The ability granted to you in your current lifetime is that you can change your perception as your soul memories are recalled, and you and pull back to gain a different perspective or try to understand the bigger pictures.  You can watch in a detached way as the layers of perspectives, paradoxes and events unfold.  You can open yourself to better understanding.  You can change the past by altering your perceptions of what happened.

The past is interesting and fascinating to explore.  Often, it is wise to be mindful of the past to keep from repeating unpleasant circumstances.  But the past does not need to entrain and condition your responses.  Your action/inaction in the now moment are the true potentials that shape the reality that comes forth.  So, the outcomes and potentials of the past really have no place in the now moment.

The moral of the story is: Detach yourself from the trauma and drama, for the facts cannot change.  Embrace the knowledge and information to elevate your perception and awareness so that events do not spiral and repeat unnecessarily.

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Aspects of the Higher Self

Each human being has an aspect often referred to as the "Highest Self."  The Highest Self can also be thought of as the "God" Self that is connected to all of the other aspects of yourself that exist throughout the universe.  Your highest self is the most true aspect of that which created your spirit and hold the ultimate purpose of your existence.  The Highest Self is connected with "All that is."

Spirit Talk is one way to learn the language of the spirit and communicate with your Higher Self.  Meditation is another method to elevate your vibration that in turn facilitates closer levels of communication with the Highest Self.  Intuition is an interactive way to communicate.  (See Spirit Talk to learn more about the language of the Spirit.)

The connection of the self to the Highest self is facilitated by an Antakarana, which is an etheric cord of rainbow light energy.   

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Chakras are energy centers that are centered within and around our physical body.  There are seven internal chakras and five external chakras.  The internal and external chakras are connect by meridians that flow between them as well as connect to the energy grids of the earth, solar system, star system and universe. 

Misalignment or blockage of the internal chakras manifests as disease or un-wellness within the physical body.  The energy that flows through the chakras is electromagnetic energy.

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Spirit Guides

Guides are energy beings that have chosen to work with us to enable us to access high level information to assist in our growth.  Guides generally connect with us at the soul level, and they encourage, support and assist us in our lessons and challenges.  Guides never control, for as humans we always have the option of free choice.

You are never alone, even though the feeling of aloneness that is perpetuated in your mind can make you believe that your being is very solitary.  But a host of guides are always with you - you are never alone.

Spirit guides often step back to allow higher level guides to come in as assist you when you are ready.  Guides can take all types of shapes and forms, from Elves to Angels, animal totems and spirit forms, even animals and people!  It is their highest aspiration to assist and serve you.  They always send messages of love, encouragement and acceptance.

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More to come...

[More to come...]

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Authored by Theresa Wright.
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